TYCA-SW leadership is open to any TYCA-SW member in good standing, and we welcome new faces in a variety of capacities. Leadership can look like an elected position, as well as serving as a State Reporter, working with the newsletter, or serving on a committee.

If you’re considering involvement in leadership, please reach out to tyca.southwest@gmail.com.

TYCA-SW Leadership Roles and Committees

TYCA-SW includes many appointed leadership roles focused on specific tasks and without term limits.

Current leadership roles include National TYCA Representative, NCTE Representative, Archivist, Awards Coordinator, Political Information Reporter, Communications Coordinator, and State Reporters for the seven states in the TYCA-SW Region.

Current committees include Conference Committee, Conference Travel Awards, and Newsletter Editorial Team.

TYCA-SW Executive Council

The TYCA-SW Executive Council (EC) is made up of elected leadership serving three-year terms with the option to run for a second, consecutive three-year term before having to roll off for one year.

EC members coordinate the major activities of TYCA-SW, including, but not limited to, preparing the Annual Conference, creating additional professional development, responding to current issues, and communicating with membership.

Elections occur after the Annual Conference, and current EC members will announce available positions.

The current elected EC positions are Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chair, and Member-at-Large. Prior conference chairs can serve as voting members on the EC for one year after the conference they chaired.