Two-Year College English Association Leadership

TYCA-SW Elected Executive Committee and Terms

Executive Committee Leadership and Terms
Jill Gos, Lee College (2014-2016)
Toni McMillen, Collin College (2014-2016)
Raj Chakuri, Laredo Community College (2015-2018)
Nancy Herschap , Laredo Community College (2015-2018)
Leigh Ann Moore, Alvin Community College (2015-2019)
Michael Berberich, Galveston College (2016-2019)

Executive Committee Terms are three-year terms unless ended early by the member. TYCA-SW has six elected positions. Executive Committee members can serve two back-to-back terms of three years. After six years, the member must have one year off the Executive Committee before being elected again. If you wish to serve on the Executive Committee, please contact one of the current officers.

Positions Board Positions (Renewed by Year)

Chair: Raj Chekuri (Appointed by EC Spring 2015)
Vice-Chair: Nancy Herschap (Apponted by EC Spring 2015)
Secretary: Toni McMillen (Appointed by EC Fall 2016)
Treasurer: Brian Anderson (Appointed by EC Fall 2015 and EC by Newsletter)

Other Appointed Positions (Renewed by Year)

Membership: Carolyn Schimies, Laredo Community College
Archivist: Jill Gos, Lee College
State Reporter Oklahoma: Stephen Marrow, Oklahoma Community College
State Reporter Texas: Brooke Ballard, Lone Star Cy-Fair
State Reporter New Mexico: Beth Humphries, NMSY Grants
Erin O’Niell Armendarez, NMSU Alamogordo
State Reporter Colorado: Erin Beaver, Colorado Mountain and Rebecca Sailor, AIMS
Webmaster: Jon Inglett, Oklahoma Community College
Newsletter: Toni McMillen, Collin College (Layout. Editing, and
Contributor); Brian Anderson, College of the Mainland (Contributor and Editor) and Gina Perkins, Collin College (Editor and Contributor)

Newsletter Contributors are EC By Appointment

TYCA-SW is Currently seeking reporters for Louisiana and Arkansas.

Conference Chairs (Also EC Voting Members)

  • Liz Ann Aguilar, Alamo College 2016
  • Irma Luna, Alamo College 2016
  • Rebecca Sailor 2017
  • Erin Beaver, Colorado Mountain 2017
  • Rebecca Sailor, AIMS 2017
  • Thomas Parker, Alvin Community College 2018

*NCTE Representative Erin O’Neill Armendarez

**Renewed by year

Information Update October 29, 2016, Fall Leadership Meeting , San Antonio, TX, by Toni McMillen, Newsletter and EC Member.